Death Anniversary

Zainab Ansari was a 7-year-old Pakistani girl who was on her way to a Quran recital when she abducted and later found raped and murdered which invited protests and outrage in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.

Voice of zainab was roaming in my head so I write down some words-


Love yourself

If you can’t love yourself then how could you love someone else,

And If you can love yourself then why do you think you should love someone else?


Not sure that did I lose you or have you lost me?

I know anyone can fall in love with you so easily as you are so beautiful.

But keep it in mind no one can love you the way I did.

Someone who would skips the meals when you are ill just because you can’t enjoy those meals.

Someone who keeps loving you without showing off.

Someone who is afraid of losing you.

Someone who can love you more than your self.

– Utkarsh Goswami


O darling come back to me, save me from this nightmare,

O darling forgive me, so much anger is not fair.

Hurry up dear I need you there,

don’t act like you don’t care,

your love isn’t love it’s just fear,

love is so polluted because it’s in the air.

Unwanted thoughts everywhere,

darling come back to me, save me from this nightmare.

For the same girl ❤

Who said that love happens at once only?
I have fallen in love so many times,

For the very first time when her eyes met to mine,
I fell in love with her.
Second time, When I heard her voice.
Again, When she tightened the grip of her hands with mine.

When I listened her stories,
When her eyes started telling me the real stories,
When she falls asleep while talking to me,
Once again I fell in love with her.

Her weird expressions,
Her childish activities,
Her cute anger,
Made me fell in love with her.

When she hugged me while crying,
When she wore my shirt in the party,
Anew time I fell in love with her.

Over and over every time I meets her, I falls in love with her.
Yes! I fell in love so many times but for the same girl.

– Utkarsh

Family | Poem

I don’t trust in blessings but still I wish for them,

“Exchange all my happiness with their sorrows and pains.”

For me there smile is brighter than any gem,

Mess with them or I’ll show you who’s more insane.